A Word to the Gentlemen

Silk Overcoat in Royal Jaquard

Men's hats generally have more versatility, so buying in plain, neutral fabrics will help it be suitable all year round. The classically cut morning suit with a top hat may still be required for some events, such as racing, but most sporting occasions and weddings are likely to provide a more creative platform these days. Trilby styles work best with short-collared coats, such as Over Coat or perhaps the lighter fabric Ivory for springtime.
Mens Overcoat in Ivory Silk

Looking ahead to the summer, a boater hat adds some jaunty joy to the dashing cut of the short-styled Mens Blazer also being launched this Summer: adding a handkerchief in the front tailored pocket would pack a punch coordinated with a headband round the boater. A fedora is classic, yet rakish too, and with its upturned back brim it sits very well with a wider upturned collar for the Autumn, such as the warmer Grace Coat in Electric Moss.
Mens Silk Midnight Blue Blazer
Grace Coat in Electric Moss

Dress to impress, and others will take their hats off to you! Enjoy the wedding day!