1. Please can you tell me what you have in stock in size 12 etc?

    - To use our Search Tool, select the SEARCH button at the top of any page, situated just under the main Menu bar. This will bring up the search parameter drop-down menus that you need to fill in. You must select COLLECTION to pick what type of garment you want to search for. You then have the option to chose a specific style by selecting the STYLE drop-down. You must select SIZE, which lets you choose which size to search for. Choosing COLOUR is optional. To look at items that are In Stock, select the AVAILABILITY drop-down and choose 'In Stock'. Click on FIND PRODUCTS to bring up what is available.

  2. What is your delivery time?

    - The delivery time varies depending on whether the item is in stock. If it is in stock it is within a week. If it is not in stock it is 6-8 weeks. Although you can pay for Express option which is 3-4 weeks which is an extra £35.

  3. Do you make dresses to go with the coats?

    - Yes! We now do a simple fitted shift dress with three different necklines. More styles will be coming soon.

  4. There are no care instructions with the gowns so are they washable or dry clean only?

    - There will be care labels being sent on a card with the gowns very soon. The reason we don't put them in the gowns is because the gowns are reversible. I would recommend dry cleaning for best, however both gowns can be hand washed in cool water. Please do iron for best finish.

  5. Do you send your wares outside the UK?

    - Yes we can send anywhere in the world.

  6. Is there anywhere that I can come and try on the coats etc?

    - Yes. You can come and see me at the showroom in Elmore, Gloucestershire. You would need to make an appointment. Please email info@shibumistyle.com or call 0208 133 8037

  7. Do you sell fabric?

    - Yes we can sell you our silk by the meter. Not the cashmere though unless you buy a full throw which is 7ft by 9ft.

  8. How are your coats cut and do they have to do up?

    - Most of the coats and jackets are meant to be worn open and do not have to do up. These are decorative coats rather than coats to keep warm on a winters day in so as long as the top button meets at the front then the size is good for you. Of course if you want a coat that you ALWAYS do up and never wear undone then that is a different matter. Then you would have to make sure it does up. The thing is if a coat is done up then it doesn't look as good or flattering when it is undone as there is this extra fabric at the sides. So I have cut the styles so they taper a little at the sides so making the coat flattering for all and how I have designed them to be worn. Everyone can wear two different sizes so it depends on how you like it to look.

  9. What is the difference between the Paris Boutique and Tree of Life fabric?

    - The Paris boutique is 80% wool and 20% silk and the Tree of Life is 70% wool and 30% silk leaving the Tree of Life to be a little softer in feel.

  10. It says cashmere/silk.. I am a little confused about what that means?

    - The cashmere fabric is a blend of cashmere and silk within the weave. The feel comes out like cashmere with a slight sheen on it. It's lovely. Some customers wonder whether the items are part cashmere i.e on one side and part silk on the other. Its not like this, the cashmere/silk is a blend that feels like soft wool with the warmth of wool rather than a silky feel of silk although the wool is softer than plain wool. Is this making sense?! Please do call if not.

  11. Will the pattern on my cashmere garment be exactly the same as the picture?

    - Not necessarily, all our cashmere designs are symmetrical and beautiful but may vary slightly in pattern to the picture shown due to the nature of how the fabric is cut. If you see a specific design that you'd like to have a perfect match for, this can be requested at an additional cost of £25 to cover the additional work.