Fabrics, Care & Ordering

We sell our own fabric...

Here at Shibumi, not only can we can make you a beautiful dress or pair of cigarette trousers to go with your jacket/coat or simply to wear on its own but we can also sell you corresponding gorgeous silk, by the metre, to go with your Shibumi coat or jacket. This allows you to have your own dress, skirt or trousers made locally to you if you would prefer.

Please do call us on 01453 832098 to discuss any requirements you may have.

We design our own fabric...

All our silk fabrics are designed by Shibumi's designer, Ruth Guise. The designs are made here in the UK and then weaved in our studio in India. They are original designs that you will not see anywhere else, so you are getting something beautifully unique.

Our Alpaca wool fabric is made from 100% British Ekoalpaka yarn, and is produced on Weekfield Farm in Exmoor by The British Alpaca Fashion Company. These specific designs are created by Shibumi and made by Weekfield Farm exclusively for us. 


Cashmere & Silk Fabrics

Our cashmere/silk fabric needs to be treated with care so to keep your coat/jacket at its best, we recommend that you hang it up in a protective sleeve in the cupboard when you're not wearing it. The weave on the cashmere is delicate so please look after it and if you are going to entertain a clutter of cats then best not wear your cashmere coat!

All garments are dry clean only apart from the cashmere dressing gowns and kaftans, which can be gently hand washed or put on a woollen 30° machine wash and then ironed. It's the ironing that makes all the difference when washing a gown.

When dry cleaning, only use a specialist dry cleaner that knows about silk, cashmere and linings and would never use any harsh chemicals.

Should your Shibumi become creased, you can safely iron with a medium hot iron, with steam, however you must ensure that your iron is clean. Also, as with all wool products, there can be bobbling and if this does happen to your cashmere, the bobbles can easily be removed with a de-bobbler.

Although our pieces are of the highest quality and we have strict criteria for quality control, they are hand made and as such, there may be minor variations in the precision of embroidery and the position of the patterns on the fabrics although the cashmere designs will always be symmetrical. There will sometimes be slubs in the raw silk but this is part of the charm of this type of natural silk.

Silk Velvet Fabric

Please do not iron our silk/velvet fabric and instead use a steamer. 

Alpaca Wool Fabric

Our Alpaca wool garments should be stored either hung up on a fabric hanger or folded in a drawer. Please treat these items with care. 

They can be hand washed in warm water or machine washed on a delicate cycle of no more than 30 ° for no longer than 15 minutes. They should be washed with an eco friendly detergent as harsh detergents will cause the fabric to felt. 

Lay flat to air dry and they can then be lightly ironed once completely dry. 

*Shibumi is not responsible for any damage caused by ironing or washing your garment.

Delivery Timings

Due to the exclusive nature of our designs and with so many styles and fabrics, delivery time will vary depending whether we have the item in stock. Standard delivery time is approximately 8 weeks but if it is in stock your order will be dispatched within 7 working days. There is also an express service at £35 which will guarantee your order to be with you in approximately 4 weeks.

Fabric Samples

You can order samples of all of our fabrics by clicking here.