The Company

Photograph of Shibumi Founder Ruth Guise and her daughter Coco
Hello, I'm Ruth Guise, the heart and soul behind Shibumi.
Founded in 2004, Shibumi was born out of my deep-seated passion for textiles, nurtured during my time in India. I've always been captivated by the magic of transforming simple fabrics into exquisite garments, a fascination I owe to my grandmother, Ruth, a remarkable couture dressmaker. Growing up, I was constantly inspired by her craftsmanship and the legacy of creativity in our family.
At Shibumi, our mission is to redefine occasion wear. We believe in the everyday elegance of wearing beautiful coats and jackets, not just reserving them for rare moments.
I personally design every piece, from the exquisite fabrics to the final garments, ensuring a touch of Shibumi in every stitch. We're inclusive in our approach, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit, with sizes ranging from 6-26 for women and 34-54 for men. For those seeking something truly bespoke, we're here to craft your vision.
Our collection, a blend of silk and cashmere, showcases the essence of Shibumi at events across the country. We also invite you to our intimate showroom in Gloucestershire, where you can experience our designs firsthand. While we cherish these face-to-face interactions, our website ensures that Shibumi's elegance is just a click away.
Every Shibumi piece is a testament to authenticity. Our ethical commitment runs deep. All designs are conceptualised here in the UK, while the production takes place in India, where I once called home.
We stand firmly against unethical practices, ensuring our garments are crafted with care and love. This commitment extends to our environment, with batch shipping and recycled packaging. We champion sustainable fashion, encouraging our patrons to cherish and re-wear their Shibumi treasures.
Giving back is woven into Shibumi's fabric. Our Global Charity Support initiative is a testament to our dedication to making a positive impact.
Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of Shibumi's journey, allowing us to reach new heights with each year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
With love and gratitude,