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Discover Shibumi, the UK's premier brand for exquisite occasion wear. Crafted with passion, our collections are a harmonious blend of traditional artistry and contemporary design. From the vibrant streets of India, where our exclusive fabrics are woven, to the elegant homes of the UK and around the world, Shibumi stands as a testament to timeless style.

Our range is vast and versatile, offering silk jackets, dresses, kaftans, kimonos, and more, tailored for both women (sizes 6-26) and men (sizes 34-56). Whether you're the mother of the bride or groom seeking a standout ensemble, or simply looking for a chic jacket to pair with jeans, Shibumi has you covered. Our made-to-measure service ensures a perfect fit, celebrating every silhouette.

Beyond fashion, Shibumi is a brand with a heart. We're deeply committed to ethical practices, sustainability, and giving back. A significant 10% of our profits support global charities, including Amma, as we continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

Step into the world of Shibumi and let your inner beauty radiate.

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Vogue x Shibumi
Our beautiful cashmere dressing gowns have graced the pages of Vogue. See how fashionista Savannah Miller styled her Shibumi for her wedding to James Whewell.
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Helpful videos to guide you through choosing the correct style and fit to create your perfect Shibumi outfit.
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Learn about our ethical production in India and celebrate the artisans behind our creations.
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View all our fabrics and choose samples to experience our colours firsthand.
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Our Charity Donations
Every purchase gives 10% to Amma's worldwide charitable efforts, spanning education, empowerment, and environmental initiatives.