Complementary fabrics

To make it easier for our online customers, we have compiled a list of fabrics for you that are complementary to each other.

When creating your Shibumi outfit, hopefully this list will be helpful to you!


AFRICAN COBALT - Scarlet, Paradise, Pink Sugar, Flame, Wild Orchid, Hot Pink, Burnt Orange 

ANTIQUE GOLD - Wild Orchid, Kingfisher, Liquorice, Aubergine, Hot Pink, Midnight Blue, Deep Violet, Scarlet

ANTIQUE MOSS - Oyster Gold, Star, Pearl Green, Aubergine

AQUA TEAL - Oyster Gold, Blush, Dusk, Burnt Orange, Tahiti

ATOMIC CORAL - Wild Orchid, Aubergine, Hot Pink

AVALON - Oyster Gold, Star , Dusk

BRILLIANT TURQUOISE - Aubergine, Lemon Yellow, Moonstone, Liquorice

BURNT UMBER - Wild Orchid, Burnt Orange, Dusk, Oyster Gold

EMERALD GREEN - Hot Pink, Deep Violet, Pink Sugar 

HOT MAGENTA - Liquorice, Moonstone, Oyster Gold, Midnight Blue, Star

IRIS - Plain Iris, Lavender, Deep Violet, Moonstone, Midnight Blue

JAIPUR GOLD - Liquorice, Oyster Gold, Scarlet

JUMOKE SUN - Liquorice, Aubergine 

MAGNIFICENT TEAL - Wild Orchid, Oyster Gold, Flame, Hot Pink, Dusk, Star, Burnt Orange

MERCURY - Wild Orchid, Liquorice, Hot Pink, Deep Violet

MINERAL - Dusk, Oyster Gold, Blush, Tahiti

MODE - Scarlet, Plain Cobalt

MOON - Moon Dust, Paradise, Moonstone


MULBERRY - Moonstone

NARNIA - Star, Oyster Gold, French Blue, Moon Dust, 

PEONE - Midnight Blue 

PINK JACQUARD - Aubergine, Oyster Gold, Star, Liquorice, Midnight Blue

PINK SHALIMAR - Pearl Green, Burnt Orange, Tahiti, Blush, Star, Moonstone

POPPY - Slate, Paradise, Flame

RAJ - Oyster Gold, Star

ROYAL - Midnight Blue, Oyster Gold 

ROYAL JACQUARD - Midnight Blue, Oyster Gold, Star, Kingfisher Blue, Wild Orchid, French Blue, Aubergine

SCHIAPARELLI PINK - Oyster Gold, Midnight Blue, Flame, Hot Pink, Aubergine, Pearl Green, Tahiti

SKY BLUE - Tahiti , Star, Lemon Yellow,  Pink Sugar

SOFT PISTACHIO - Pearl Green, Burnt Orange

VINTAGE - Aubergine

VINTAGE ROSE - Moonstone, Slate

VIVID - French Blue, Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow, Oyster Gold


APRICOT MOON - Moonstone, Moon Dust, Pearl Green, Tahiti

BAROQUE - Moonstone, Pink Sugar 

BRACKEN GREEN - Aubergine, Dusk, Oyster Gold

BURNT HESSIAN - Aubergine, Burnt Orange

BYZANTINE GOLD - Midnight Blue, Liquorice, Smokey Blue, Oyster Gold, Aubergine, French Blue, Deep Violet

CARDINAL PINK - Star, Oyster Gold

CHOCOLATE - Star, Hot Pink, Wild Orchid, Dusk, Blush, Tahiti

DEEP PURPLE - Aubergine, Pearl Green, Slate

DEEP RASPBERRY - Oyster Gold, Liquorice, Midnight Blue, Aubergine

DRAGONFLY GREEN - Kingfisher Blue, Aubergine, French Blue, Oyster Gold, Smokey Blue

DUCK EGG - Moonstone, French Blue 

EAU DE NIL - Paradise, Pink Sugar, Moonstone, Moon Dust, Kingfisher Blue

EBONY - Liquorice, Wild Orchid, Flame, Silver, Hot Pink, Moonstone

EGGSHELL - Pearl Green, Moon Dust, Tahiti, Burnt Orange

ELECTRIC MOSS - Liquorice, Dusk, Aubergine

ELECTRIC NAVY - Moonstone, Silver, Midnight Blue 

EUCALYPTUS - Pearl Green, Blush, Tahiti

GRAPHITE - Scarlet, Liquorice, Wild Orchid, Hot Pink, Silver, Moonstone, Slate

GREEN ETRON - Aubergine, Pearl Green, Star, Oyster Gold

IMPERIAL BLUE - Oyster Gold, Smoky Blue, Moon Dust, Midnight Blue, Aubergine, Star, Dusk, 

LILAC - Moon Dust, Moonstone, Pearl Green

MOSS ROSE - Pearl Green, Slate 

OPALINE - Dusk, Smoky Blue, Scarlet, French Blue

PALE CYAN - Moonstone, Paradise, Kingfisher Blue

PORCINI - Aubergine, Scarlet, Wild Orchid, Hot Pink, Dusk, Blush, Star, Tahiti

POWDER - Moonstone 

RED ETRON - Moon Dust, Aubergine, Midnight Blue, French Blue

RICH RUBY - Aubergine, Oyster Gold, Liquorice, Aubergine, Tahiti

ROCOCO PINK - Moonstone, Pink Sugar, Moon Dust

VENETIAN RED -Smokey Blue, Midnight Blue, Oyster Gold, Moon Dust, French Blue, Aubergine

VERSAILLES - Moonstone

WEDGWOOD - Moonstone, Silver

DECO DALI - Smoky Blue, Oyster Gold, Midnight Blue, Aubergine, Moon Dust

DECO KAHLO - Smoky Blue, Aubergine, Midnight Blue, Paradise, Kingfisher, Tahiti

DECO MUSE - Aubergine, Midnight Blue, Moon Dust, Smoky Blue

DECO VOGUE - Tahiti, Dusk, Blush,