Alternative Bridesmaids Outfits

Whether it’s to suit the individual style of your bridesmaids or to bring a chic style to your bridal party there are many reasons to choose an alternative bridesmaid outfit. If you’re having a non-traditional wedding you may want a bridesmaid dress alternative that suits the theme or maybe your bridesmaids are not a fan of the traditional bridesmaid silhouette, whatever the reason, at Shibumi we have options to please every bridesmaid.

Jumpsuits for Bridesmaids

Three women, bridesmaids, smiling huddled together in a greenhouse, the woman in the centre wears a cherry red silk slip dress, the two women either side wear blush pink silk jumpsuits.

Silk Jumpsuits are a comfortable, elegant alternative to the traditional bridesmaid dress. Shibumi’s silk jumpsuits are lightweight, and flowy, giving that bridesmaid feel with a more modern silhouette. They feature a wide leg and a wrap front so they’re ideal for a range of body shapes with sizes running from 6 to 20. Plus with the super soft silk and comfortable fit they are perfect for dancing the night away at the wedding party.

 Jumpsuits are also a great option for the bride either to get ready in the morning, ideal for a bridal party photo, or opt for a Champagne jumpsuit as a comfortable option to change into for the going away outfit.

Slip Dresses for Bridesmaids

three women, bridesmaids, walking toward the camera laughing on a sunny day in front of a stately home, one woman in a cherry red silk slip dress, two women in blush pink silk jumpsuits.

A great alternative to the standard bridesmaids dress is a satin silk slip dress. This elegant slip dress is full length and features a slit down one side with spaghetti straps and a gorgeous soft v-neckline. A great option for a glamorous bridesmaid or a hot weather wedding, this luxurious slip dress is a modern option for the bridesmaid dress.

Silk Suit for Bridesmaids

Three pictures of women in silk suits. Woman laughing while playing croquet in a deep blue floral silk suit. A woman standing on grass under a tree wearing a hot pink silk suit. A woman sitting on a rustic wooden swing in a purple silk suit with a leopard print fascinator.

The bridal suit has been a popular choice in the last few years but what about a suit for your bridesmaids? A tailored silk suit brings together the femininity of silk with the structure of a suit for the ideal alternative bridesmaid outfit. The Shibumi silk suit features a cigarette trouser for a classic tailored shape and can be worn with any of the Shibumi silk jackets for a personalised look. Have your bridesmaids in matching jackets for a unified feel or choose a style like the classic blazer or feminine Anya jacket and let them choose their own colours for a mix and match style.

Wedding party laughing walking toward camera across grass in front of a stately home with men wearing grey and black tailsuits with pink and blue ties, bride in off shoulder white dress, bridesmaids in a cherry red silk slip dress and blush pink jumpsuit.

Alternative bridesmaids outfits are becoming a popular choice for weddings, allowing each bridesmaid their individual style while still being in keeping with the style of the wedding. Bridesmaid jumpsuits are ideal for a flowy yet casual feel, opt for a slip dress for a more glamorous bridesmaid outfit or go for a bridesmaid suit for a modern twist on a bridesmaid outfit.