How to Add Colour to Your Work Wardrobe

If you’re working in an office where you have to stick to a version of work wear or a dress code it can sometimes feel limiting and difficult to bring your personality out. But workwear doesn’t have to be boring. Bringing creativity, colour and interest to your work wardrobe is easier than you think. We’ve put together a few top tips and some outfit suggestions to help you get the most out of your work wardrobe.

Understand your office dress code and see the potential

If your office has a written dress code take a look at it and figure out what you can do rather than focusing on what you can’t. Jeans aren’t allowed but there’s nothing to say you can’t wear floaty trousers or structured cigarette pants? Pieces have to be tailored but there’s no specification on colour, texture or accessories? Great! Sometimes the first step is to take the positives, necessity is the mother of invention after all!
Woman leaning against wall by a window in a dark silk Bhumi jacket with floral embroidery

Choose a colour palette to create a mix and match work wardrobe 

One easy way to always look polished is to stick to a unified colour palette, this doesn’t have to mean only wearing blue, it just means choosing a few colours which go together and working within those. For example blue and orange, as colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel these colours compliment each other while also looking great as a block accent. Plus remember that black and white don’t count, choose two or three colours that repeat in your wardrobe and you should be able to mix and match almost every item with another, go full blue one day, blue with a pop of orange another or white with a blue highlight the next!
Plus size woman with dark hair standing by window in stately home in white top and jeans with pale blue nehru jacket from Shibumi

Add tailored items to your wardrobe to instantly dress up any outfit into workwear

The business blazer is a workwear staple for a reason, tailored items give structure to your wardrobe and instantly elevate any outfit. A tailored piece doesn’t have to be boring though, mix up the style, colour and texture of your pieces to bring interest to your workwear staples. A curved neck tailored jacket like the Anya is a feminine alternative to the classic blazer while a blazer in a patterned fabric can lift a classic look into the next level.
Woman with short brown hair walking down steps in front of a large wooden front door in black jeans and a tailored red silk Anya jacket with embroidery detail

Choose colours to boost your mood

Choosing the right colours for your work wardrobe can not only up your style game but also give you a psychological boost for your workday. Add orange to your workday outfit to channel your creativity, orange brings feelings of warmth, energy and enthusiasm, great for getting that new project off to a flying start. If you’ve got an important meeting booked choose a blue item to help alleviate meeting stress, blue brings a calm feeling with it and represents good communication, ideal for that presentation you’ve been perfecting for weeks.
Woman with dark hair in office reading magazine in jeans, white top and midnight blue Juna jacket

3 colourful outfit ideas for the workplace 

A colourful alternative to the classic women’s business suit

If you need to stick to a business silhouette but want to add a little pizazz it doesn’t get much better than our stunning silk suits, choose a fabric for our classically tailored cigarette trousers then choose a matching jacket in any of our short styles whether it be a classic blazer, the slimmer line Nina or the feminine Anya.
Woman with dark hair in a bun leaning against window in a rich blue teal silk suit with floral embroidery

Elegant blue and white business-casual outfit.

This beautiful Anya Jacket is an ideal item to mix and match in your wardrobe, perfect with an all white or all blue outfit it also would work beautifully with tailored black trousers and a white shirt.
Older redhead woman in white jeans and tshirt with deep navy blue cashmere Anya jacket with floral pattern

A business ready shift dress with a difference

A knee length shift dress is a timeless business staple but with the soft sheen of raw silk and the wide selection of colours our Hepburn dress is the perfect statement piece for your summer workwear wardrobe, you’ll stand out in the boardroom and be ready to turn heads at dinner with your beau afterwards.
Black woman with curly hair standing on grass in violet purple hepburn dress
Whether it’s just a standard work day or you’re presenting to the board, feeling good in your workwear can empower you to feel like the boss you are! Experiment with colour and style for a work wardrobe that works for you and if you want to come to Shibumi and have us help you find the perfect statement jacket or silk power suit you can book an appointment with us in our Gloucestershire showroom. We hope to see you soon!