How to Dress for a Wedding Based on Your Body Shape

Whether it’s for a wedding, party, work event or drinks with the girls we all feel our best when we know we look good, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what will look good on you and your body shape. If you’re investing in a statement piece for an event you want to know it will fit your shape and flatter your figure. To make sure you always know you will look great at any event it’s good to know what types of clothing styles suit your size and shape. Whether you are tall, petite, athletic or plus size there are styles to flatter every shape and size.
Two women laugh while drinking champagne at a wedding wearing silk coats

What is your shape?

There are four main types of body shape, pear shape, hourglass, rectangle and apple. The shapes are based on how your proportions are distributed between your hips, waist, bust and shoulders, with every shape having areas you want to eventuate. Figuring out which body shape you are will help you choose the best styles for your body. Here is a quick guide to each body type if you are not sure which one you are:

Pear Shape Body Type

The pear shape body type is characterised by hips wider than the chest and shoulders, typically with a smaller bust, this body type is also sometimes called the triangle.

Hourglass Shape Body Type

The hourglass shape body is when your hips and bust are roughly even and your waist is smaller, creating a curvy shape with a narrow middle and wider top and bottom like an hourglass.

Apple Shape Body Type

The apple shape body is characterised with the hips being narrower than the shoulders and bust or a similar width hips and shoulders but with a less defined waistline.

Rectangle Shaped Body Type

Sometimes referred to as the athletic shape this body type has roughly the same proportions in the shoulders, bust, waist and hips creating a straighter silhouette.

What Wedding Outfit to Wear Based on your Body Shape

Three women of different body shapes all in navy blue silk dresses and coats

What to wear to a wedding with a pear shaped body

Pear shapes generally look best in items which smooth out the hip area and accentuate the waist and upper body. For dresses look for styles with flared skirts which will help to smooth out the hip area like the Bardot dress.
Redhead woman wearing an a-line bardot dress in a pale blue colour
When it comes to coats and jackets go for a cropped look like the Juna jacket or if you want something with a little length look for a jacket which hits mid thigh for a flattering smoothing of the hip without shortening the legs, the addition of the tailored waist in the Bhumi jacket makes it an ideal style for a pear shape.
redhead young woman wears a knee length purple coat, the bhumi jacket by shibumi

What to wear to a wedding with an Hourglass shaped body

Hourglass body types can wear a wide range of outfits as their natural curves bring shape to any dress but fitted dresses with accentuated waistlines are particularly flattering for an hourglass shape. The Silk Jumpsuit with its fitted shape and tailored waist make the most of your curves.
Dark haired woman stands by fireplace in wedding guest or bridesmaid outfit navy blue silk jumpsuit
When it comes to outerwear once again we want to draw attention to the waist, cropped jackets like the Juna are perfect for a light layer while a coat with a cinched waist like a Trench Coat let you keep the focus on your curves even in the cooler days.
Woman with dark hair stands in office door wearing light linen trousers and a cropped black silk Juna jacket
Three women of various ages wear silk trench coats

What to wear to a wedding with an Apple shaped body

Flattering clothing for an apple shape will usually draw attention to the legs and neckline, as such a dress with a V-neckline and shorter length like the Marilyn are a great choice.
A plus size woman with an apple body shape wears a peacock blue Marilyn shift dress
Structured coats are great for creating a smooth silhouette while drawing attention to the neck line which is ideal for an apple shape. The Lyra coat is a flattering knee length and features a soft curved neckline to draw the eye up.

What to wear to a wedding with a rectangle shaped body

Athletic figures can choose which area to accentuate with many styles suiting this shape. Figure skimming dresses like the Silk Slip Dress show off the shoulders, chest and back while skimming over the body.
blonde young woman wears a rich green silk slip dress by shibumi
Coats like the Avani with it’s cinched in waist help to give shape to your outfit while the hem which rests just below the knee helps to show off your legs. 
Redhead young woman in pink shalimar avani coat in walled garden
Tailored jackets like the Nina and suits are also great for the rectangular figure and make a great alternative to a dress for an event.
Blonde woman with athletic body type wears a pink silk suit to a wedding or garden party.
When it comes to dressing for a wedding or any other event, the most important thing is for you to feel great so take these points as a guideline not a rule, because nothing looks as good on you as confidence!