How to Dress Well for the Start of the Season

Men's classic waistcoat in Deep Purple Cashmere


Spring is on her way and she’s inspiring us to take a fresh look at ourselves too. Take the time to spring clean your wardrobe now, removing the tired items and storing the winter woollies, making way for a Shibumi jacket, silk or cashmere that will be your staple for the forthcoming season! A brilliantly flexible look can be achieved with a shorter style …

For men, look distinguished in a classic single-breasted silk waistcoat which will sit comfortably beneath your winter coat, but hold its own through to the early summer too. For this time of year, we really like the deep, crocus purple of this cashmere waistcoat. 

Versatile coats in pastel pinks, muted greens and metallic tones are brilliant for ladies who are busy all day but then keen to end their day with a drink in the sunshine as the days get longer and warmer. Enhance your smart jeans and simple T with a Frida Jacket in Smokey Blue: this shimmering fabric would look marvellous on a blonde or brunette as the raw silk provides a spectrum of colour and with no pattern it can move smoothly between daywear and evening with the addition of a few sparkling accessories and a patterned cashmere scarf.

Frida Jacket in Smokey Blue silk. Beautiful!

With the Cheltenham Festival in mid-March but no specific dress code provided, it can feel like a tricky event to plan for. However, a Shibumi jacket in a cashmere and silk blend, that has the option to be buttoned, allows for any weather conditions and a mid-length coat gives you flexibility for your feet too, whether the going is hard, good or soft! Ladies can launch themselves confidently in to the fray in Shibumi’s bestseller the Nehru Coat. Add a fabulous spring to your step in the silk-embroidered Nehru Narnia. Gents will do well in the starting blocks in a Shibumi Overcoat. The Mineral provides a dapper outfit alongside the more traditionally dressed or compete with your competitors racing colours in Mercury or the Ivory to make you feel like a winner! #InspiredByNature
Our best seller Nehru Coat for ladies in Narnia Silk
Our stunning Mens overcoat in Mineral silk

Now that we’re truly up and running in to 2017, it’s time to turn your mind to the wedding stationary currently perched on your mantelpiece. The initial excitement of receiving the invitation is starting to chill in the recent cold winds, as you wonder what you have hanging upstairs that will be right for a spring wedding. Shibumi can help you regain that bubbling enthusiasm with a full length, stunning coat that will provide a super splash of spring colour to compliment any wedding style, without overpowering the bride. Gentleman will be stylish for the spring in a Dali Coat: longer than the Overcoat – and with an open neckline that allows for a cravat or perhaps a warm scarf should there be a nip in the air – it is a smart, fresh, single breasted coat with a top pocket on the left for a coordinated handkerchief to provide a bespoke colour splash on the couple’s special day. There’s also a secret pocket to hideaway slips of paper and a mint! Available in a wide selection of fabrics, consider Crimson Red or Graphite to evoke springtime even on a cloudy day. Similarly, ladies will benefit from a similar fabric choice, but perhaps with a bit more colour punch. Our Aquila Coat offers gorgeous designs of subtle soft flowers on strong colours, such as Pink Shalimar or African cobalt.
Our awesome Dali Coat for men. Shown here in Crimson Red.
Our Aquila coat in Pink Shalimar Silk ( note model has long arms! Sleeves are 24 in )

All our bespoke designs are lovingly created to wear again and again – that’s out ethos – from special occasions to up-styling those jeans! We also encourage you to visit our Gloucestershire showroom to browse the range of colours, fabrics – silks and cashmere – embroidered or plain – and have some fun! To discover where we are located or to make an appointment please click here: #GlosShowroom

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