How To Have Happy Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are there to make your day the best it can be, they have your back before and during the wedding and will help make your wedding day truly magical. Though of course the couple are the centre of the wedding and planning, you will probably want to make sure that the experience is a great one for your bridesmaids too. So here are a few ways you can make sure your bridesmaids love being part of your big day.

Get a good start

Choosing your bridesmaids is no small thing so asking them to be your bridesmaid shouldn’t be either. Put time into thinking about how to ask them and making them feel important. This doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, invite them for a dinner and give them a hand written note telling them why they are so important to you. You could also include an invite to a day with the rest of the bridesmaids to try on your dresses so they feel involved right from the beginning.

Include them in the attire choice

Though you are sure to have your own ideas on how you would like the wedding party to look it’s always best to keep your bridesmaids in mind when choosing bridesmaid outfits. A great way to balance what you want and what your bridesmaids will feel good in is to choose a colour or fabric and have your bridesmaids choose their own style. Shibumi’s range of satin silk fabrics are perfect for this, choose a colour you love and let your bridesmaids choose which style they like best.
The slinky silk slip dress is ideal for a bridesmaid dress. Elegant, flattering and comfortable it’s the ideal bridesmaid dress for a summer wedding.
Jumpsuits are a classic alternative to the standard bridesmaid attire, comfortable, easy to wear while still being elegant and dressed up. With long sleeves they are also a great bridesmaid outfit for Autumn.
Or go for somewhere between the two with a dress style kimono. It has the flow of a dress with the comfortable wrap style and long sleeves, a perfect bridesmaid dress for an Autumn wedding.
Another great way to include all your bridesmaids and bond is a group shopping trip, why not book an appointment in our showroom for all of you to try on your outfits together!

Communicate clearly

Though your bridesmaids will support you on your day it’s always good to keep in mind your bridesmaids time and consider them when planning. Make sure to keep them in the loop about plans for the hen do and the wedding morning so there is no stress or resentment on the day. A wedding group chat is an easy way to do this or even a shared calendar.

Keep everyone happy on the wedding morning

When planning for your wedding day make sure to think about your bridesmaids while you are getting ready. Prepare a table of snacks and drinks to keep everyone’s energy up while you get ready, make sure everyone knows what is expected of them on the day and that they have somewhere to sit and relax if they are waiting for everyone to be ready. If you have the budget you could also consider getting matching dressing gowns for your bridesmaids to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and don’t have to worry about getting their dresses dirty before the wedding.

Thank them with a beautiful gift

A bridesmaid gift is a beautiful way to thank your ladies for all their support on your big day. Go for something that reflects their personality and your relationship for a bridesmaid gift that will stand the test of time. If you want to make sure all your bridesmaids feel equally important it’s a great idea to go for the same gift with a personalised spin such as an accessory with a different fabric for each bridesmaid. Our cashmere dressing gowns are an ideal personalised bridesmaid gift, coming in a wide range of colours and patterns but with every one being as sumptuous and special as the next.
For the bridesmaid who loves colour go for a bright fabric like deep raspberry.
For the more subtle bridesmaid opt for a softer palette like Eau de Nil or Ebony for a darker take.
Shibumi shawls are another great option for a bridesmaid gift, coming in the same range of beautiful cashmere fabrics these can be worn as a shawl over a dress or a cozy scarf in the winter.
You could even match the colour palette to their bridesmaid dress like this shawl in Imperial Blue which complements the beautiful shift dress in smokey blue.
At the end of the day your bridesmaids will love being part of your wedding no matter what, but these gestures can help make sure that it is an experience they treasure forever. If you need a little help choosing bridesmaid outfits to suit everyone check out our previous blog on how to choose the right bridesmaid attire for everyone.