International Women’s Day... Say hello to the ladies of Shibumi!

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Today is International Women’s Day, and as a team of three ladies we felt it was really important for us to do something special. As we were chatting about what we might like to do to mark this day, I (Sophie) suggested we take this time to celebrate ourselves, not as a business, but as individual, wonderful women. Tell you what we love about ourselves and what we are proud of achieving as women…and let me tell you, this felt so uncomfortable! And how ridiculous is that? Of course, as three beautiful (inside and out) women who run a business as magical as Shibumi, why wouldn’t we want to celebrate ourselves and our achievements?

This got me thinking… what is it that makes it so difficult to really love ourselves? And to shout about what we love and why? That should be something to be proud of, not to feel embarrassed about. I really think there is incredible power and beauty in being able to take ownership of what you love about yourself, and by sharing it with others you give them the power to search for those things within themselves… and I think that’s a pretty special gift to be able to give to your fellow women.

And so, sit tight, grab a cup of tea and settle in to learn all about what us Shibumi girls love about ourselves… we hope it will inspire you to take a minute to think about what you love about yourself ❤️

. . . 

We start with some words from our gorgeous Ruthie…

woman business owner, how to be a single mum and run a business

I am so proud of myself for keeping so positive whilst being a single mum to my daughter Coco and running my own business for so many years. It has been, and still is a massive journey and has been extremely challenging at times but I have kept being positive and seeing the gifts in all of it. I feel very lucky!

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I love the way that I care so much about people, animals and the planet. I am a sensitive being which can be hard to navigate at times but I love the way I care and I love how this balances with my more fun and playful side which can always bring light-heartedness and a smile to people I’m around.

This makes me feel good and connected.

lady dancing in cashmere dressing gown, International Womens Day

And I love the way I dance…😉

. . .

And from our lovely Kate…

Mother and daughters, Shibumi, International Womens Day

One thing I love is the fact that I gave birth to two strong, wonderful individuals, my daughters Florence and Daisy.

Running, canicross, dog, Shibumi, friends

I love how I put smiles on friend’s faces, even through the toughest times.

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And I love that I am becoming more in touch with nature, spending more time outdoors, building a self-sustainable eco house with my husband and really enjoying being more in touch with the natural world.

. . .

 And finally, time for me to put my brave pants on!

Canada, travelling, Vancouver Island, Shibumi, International Womens Day

I love how adventurous I am, I have travelled quite a lot and I am really good at finding amazing places to visit and making the best of situations that don’t always go to plan, not only with travelling but in everyday life too.

Shibumi Alpaca Wool Coatigan, Animals, Baby Alpaca

I love that I have a natural affinity with animals, they just seem to love me and I love them! I think it shows that I’m a kind and patient person and I am proud of that quality within myself.

Candy Hair Art, Redhead, Hair Stylist, Shibumi, International Womens Day

And finally, I love my hair! I’ve had it every colour you could think of, but I will probably be a redhead for life now. My hair is a big part of my identity and it brings me so much joy to take care of it and have it looking amazing

(PSA: it doesn’t always look quite this amazing!!)

. . .

We really hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about us here at Shibumi, and that this has given you the inspiration to look within yourself and discover what you love about you…because let me tell you, you are amazing.

 If you’d like to share what you love about yourself with us - no pressure, but we’d love to hear! – Then please send us an email at

We can’t wait to hear from you, 

With Love,