Let Your Inner Beauty Shine - Choose the Right Colour for You!

Vibrant Spring Colours

Now that the second surprising snowfall this year has melted away, here at Shibumi we are hoping to see the signs of spring shooting up around us as the weather starts to get warmer. We love spring; it is such a hopeful time of year with nature’s warm, vibrant, fresh colours bursting forth in all their glory, enhancing our mood and sense of wellbeing.

Colour is very close to Shibumi’s heart and is in fact part of its very essence, so we thought now would be a good time to share with you how to choose the best colour for you when selecting the right outfit to wear.
Firstly your eyes are an indicator of the best colours that will suit you. Study your eyes carefully to determine the lightest and darkest shades of your irises and wear clothes in these colours for an added wow factor. In the example below you can that the pale green of the iris is set off by a much darker green/blue ring that surrounds it.
Another way to work out what colours will suit you best is to determine what colour your skin tone is. Is it warm or is it cool? If you have warm-toned skin then warm, earthy colours like reds, yellows and oranges will complement you the most and be the best colours to wear to express your mood. One way to gage your skin tone is by looking at the veins in your wrist! If they are green this means you have a warm skin tone and need to start thinking about shades of honey, coral, cream, mushroom, beige and terracotta. Here you can see this Nina Jacket in Eggshell would suit those with a warm skin tone.
Nina Blazer in Eggshell for Warmer Skin tones..

If they are a blue or purple colour instead of green, then you have a cool skin tone, which will be most flattered by different shades of blue, green and purple. Rose and emerald are also good colours for you as well as grey, white and navy. Take a look at our Aquila Coat in Brilliant Turquoise below for inspiration, or alternatively, once you’ve worked out the colours that suit you best, visit our website and type in a colour into the search function to pull up plenty of other options!
Brilliant Turquoise silk for more cooler tones..

If you can’t tell what colour they are or if you think they are a mixture - you are in luck, as most colours will suit you! 

Once you’ve worked out which colours suit you best, you might also want to take into account what the colours of spring are to be in keeping with the season. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and its hypnotic colour ranges from a pale to deep blue/green conjuring up visions of water and the sea. It is a symbol of health, hope and youth and is a fantastic accent to any spring outfit, like this beautiful Lyra Coat in Moon…
Lyra Coat in Moon

Meanwhile Diamond is the birthstone of April and the colours of April are red and yellow. We recommend having as much fun as you can with colour this spring. Celebrate nature’s brilliant hues by letting them seek expression in the clothes you adorn yourself with and don’t forget to check out our Shibumi Spring Time board on Pinterest for colour inspiration. Bring on spring. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be Shibumi!