Outfit Options to Suit Every Bridesmaid

Bride with bridesmaids in silk bridesmaid jumpsuits and silk slip bridesmaid dress

When choosing your bridesmaid outfits you want to be able to get the look you want whilst also keeping all your bridesmaids happy. You want to keep to the theme of your wedding but also make sure that all of your bridesmaids feel their best. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a fabric that you love and is in-keeping with your theme but let your bridesmaids choose their own style of outfit. We’ve put together a few suggestions for how you can get the best of both worlds for your bridesmaid outfits.

Wedding party walking outside with bridesmaids wearing cherry red silk slip dress and blush rose silk jumpsuit

Satin Bridesmaid Dresses and Jumpsuits

If you don’t want to limit your bridesmaids by colour but still want to have a cohesive scheme why not go for the sumptuousness of satin and allow your bridesmaids to choose their own colours. Our satin silk jumpsuits and slip dresses come in 10 gorgeous colours from rich Navy to soft Blush Rose so there’s something for every style while maintaining that beautiful soft sheen of the satin silk fabric.
Woman in satin silk blue bridesmaids jumpsuit.

The satin silk jumpsuit is the perfect bridesmaid outfit for a pear or hourglass shape, giving definition at the waist with the tie belt and falling softly over the hips.

Three women walking and laughing outside wearing satin silk bridesmaids slip dress and blush rose satin silk bridesmaids jumpsuit

The satin silk slip dress is ideal an ideal bridesmaids dress for an athletic or hourglass body type, accentuating curves and showing off chest and arms.

Colour Co-ordinated Bridesmaid Outfits

Wedding guests and bridesmaids in pink outfits, cherry silk bridesmaids slip dress, blush rose bridesmaids silk jumpsuit, wedding guest silk jacket in pink shalimar
If you want to stick to a colour scheme then one way to keep everyone happy is to choose a colour and let the bridesmaids choose their own style of outfit. At Shibumi our fabrics run across a range of items from dresses to jackets so you can find something to fit everyone. We’ve picked some of the most popular colour schemes and put together some combinations perfect for any bridesmaid.

Blue Bridesmaid Outfits

Bridesmaid in teal silk jumpsuit

The Satin Silk Jumpsuit in Perfect Teal is the perfect blue bridesmaid’s jumpsuit, flowy and comfortable whilst also being sophisticated.

Marilyn shift dress in kingfisher blue, shift dress for bridesmaid, shift dress for wedding guest, shift dress for mother of the bride.

The Marilyn Dress in Kingfisher Blue is ideal bridesmaid dress for an hourglass or apple shape.

Woman in silk suit in Brilliant Turqouise. Silk suit for women, silk suit for bridesmaid, silk suit for wedding guest

The Silk Suit in Brilliant Turquoise is a great option for an alternative bridesmaid outfit, swapping out a dress for a suit while keeping the shine and structure of silk.

Pink Bridesmaids Outfits

Bridesmaid in pink silk suit

The Silk Suit in Wild Orchid is a great alternative pink bridesmaids outfit, combining the elegance of silk with the comfort and edge of a suit.

Hepburn dress in hot pink. Dress for wedding guest, pink bridesmaid dress, shift dress for mother of the bride

The Hepburn Dress in Hot Pink is a great option for a pink bridesmaids dress for an apple, hourglass or pear shape bridesmaid with its flattering fitted shape.

Silk slip dress in Electric Pink. Silk slip bridesmaids dress, silk slip dress in pink, silk slip dress for wedding guest, silk slip dress for cocktail party

The Silk Slip Dress in Electric Pink is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance, an ideal pink bridesmaid dress for that modern classic look.

Rose Bridesmaids Outfits

Silk bridesmaids jumpsuits in blush pink/rose

The Satin Silk Jumpsuit in Blush Rose is the perfect soft pink silk bridesmaid’s jumpsuit, soft, flowing and super comfortable, your friends will love wearing them.

 Bardot dress in Vintage Rose. Plus size bridesmaid dress, silk bridesmaid dress, dress for wedding guest, silk dress for mother of the bride.

For a more classic bridesmaid look go for the Bardot Dress in Vintage Rose, with it’s A-line shape this is an ideal dress for an apple, pear or hourglass shape, you could also opt for the Vera dress in Pink Sugar for a more fitted silhouette to your bridesmaid dresses. Our shift dresses go from a size 6-26 so they are ideal whether you need a petite or plus size bridesmaid dress.

Champagne Bridesmaids Outfits

Plus size bridesmaid in silk shift dress in star.

The Marilyn Dress in Star is a great bridesmaid dress for an apple, pear or hourglass shape and with sizes 6-26 as standard you can dress all your ladies whether they be petite or plus size bridesmaids.

 Woman wearing silk slip dress, perfect for bridesmaids, parties and wedding guest outfits.

The Satin Silk Slip Dress in Champagne is another elegant bridesmaid dress, perfect to show off an athletic or hourglass shape, your bridesmaids will love wearing it. You could also opt for a jumpsuit in Champagne for an alternative to a bridesmaid dress.


If you would like to find the perfect mix and match solution for your bridesmaids you can shop with us online, give us a call for a little guidance or come into the showroom to find the perfect fabric and fit for each of your bridesmaids, book your appointment here.