Princess Anne – The Royal Style Icon

The Princess Royal may be known as the busiest member of the royal family, at 72 years old she attended 214 engagements in 2022 alone! But one more recent moniker she has received is that of style icon, with the likes of Vogue, Fashion Magazine and The Guardian celebrating the Princess’s excellent outfit choices.
 Princess Anne Outfits
When the third season of The Crown began in 2019 the audience were reminded of the young princess’s cool and contemporary fashion choices. From here many began to notice her practical yet elegant style which has carried her through to the present day.
Princess Anne’s style exudes confidence and relaxed practicality, a quality which has been her trademark throughout her life, while she took on the vibrancy from her mother Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe she also had a knack for bringing modern style to her outfits. From 1960’s colourful dresses into the 1970’s when she was often seen in a chic trouser suit or brightly patterned dress. Her no-nonsense approach to style carries through to present day with Vogue dubbing her the “coolest royal” in 2020.
Young princess anne wearing peach outfit
We at Shibumi may be a little bias toward the Princess who has chosen our own Gloucestershire as her home but it’s undeniable that Princess Anne has lived an extraordinary life. In 1974 she talked her way out of an attempted kidnapping, speaking about the experience in an interview with Michael Parkinson she said “I was scrupulously polite, because I thought it would be silly to be too rude at that stage. We had a fairly low key discussion about the fact that I wasn’t going to go anywhere and wouldn’t it be much better if he just went away and we’d all forget about it.” She competed in the 1976 Olympics as part of the British equestrian team, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for her work in Zambia with Save the Children and she famously forewent royal titles for her children Zara and Peter in order to give them a more normal upbringing.
This practical and confident approach to life comes through in Princess Anne’s outfit choices with a combination of equestrian-inspired style, elegant sensibility and daring flare. She pulls from her love of horse riding with impeccably tailored items, like her often worn Juna jacket in Electric Navy paired at Royal Ascot with the Vera dress in Midnight Blue and a matching shawl.
 Princess Anne outfit for Royal Ascott 2021, Juna jacket electric navy and vera dress midnight blue
Elegant yet colourful fabrics allow her to show her bold and playful personality whilst always being appropriately dressed for every occasion. Such as the Lemon Yellow Delphine coat which bought a sunny look to the 2021 Royal Ascot.
 Princess anne outfit for Royal Ascott 2022, lemon yellow Delphine coat with white pillbox hat
Famously traveling without a stylist Princess Anne’s outfit choices reflect her personal tastes and we are proud to be one of the brands which has become a staple fixture in her wardrobe. The Princess Royal is a pro at re-wearing outfits, mixing in different accessories to bring new life to beloved pieces. One of the outfits which Princess Anne has expertly re-styled for multiple occasions is her beautiful cashmere Nehru coat in Venetian Red, worn at Ladies Day at Newmarket racecourse, a garden party at Buckingham palace and for an engagement in New Zealand.
Princess Anne outfits garden party, New Zealand and Royal Ascot, Venetian Red Nehru coat
Another more recent re-wear of Princess Anne was at the 2023 Royal Ascot where she wore her beautiful Smokey Blue Avani coat which we had previously spotted at Queen Elisabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
 Princess Anne at Royal Ascot 2023 and Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee wearing smokey blue avani coat
Princess Anne’s effortless style reflects her practical yet playful personality and we are honoured to be included in her roster of beautiful outfits. If you would like to keep up to date on which beautiful Shibumi outfits Princess Anne has worn be sure to keep an eye on our page dedicated to Princess Anne in Shibumi