Shibumi Spring Blog

Our stylish Bella Blazer in Eggshell Cashmere

Cool down this summer with Shibumi's perfect cocktail of fashion and style, notably from our new additions to the range, introducing the Bella Jacket and the Nina Blazer. Mix things up a bit in your wardrobe with original splashes of colour and tone.

We all need a stylish way to handle any chilly evening summer breezes. The Bella Jacket in eggshell cashmere offers a beautiful mix of pink grapefruit flowers and apricot hues with subtle hints of mint and sapphire to stir up any garden party. 

Summer Breeze:
1/3 cup pineapple juice.
1/4 cup pink grapefruit juice.
2 ounces gin. 
Soda water.
Fresh mint leaves and ice.

Add some fashionable cool to your wardrobe with the Nina Blazer. In a lightweight silk or cashmere, the cleverly tailored Nina allows easy movement with a split seam back and roomy sleeve, yet still achieves a crisp silhouette. Opt for bright pastels such as the pale pink and you'll be the perfect summer flower.
Our Nina Blazer in Moss Rose Cashmere

Having to attend an important conference, or host an event? Gain courage in this flame silk Bella jacket, a wonderful deep coral, with hints of blood-tomato red and shot with pink. It is a refreshing, smart addition to your summer work wardrobe, packing a punch to any presentation. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool as a cucumber in the day, but the stunning colour offers a saucy option teamed with a LBD by night. 

Bloody Mary:
Tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, 
garlic powder, pickle juice and hot sauce - to taste.
1 ounce of vodka.
Cucumber and ice.
Bella Jacket in Flame Raw Silk
Nina Jacket in Oyster Gold Raw Silk

Living the highlife on a yacht this summer? Raise a glass to the versatility of the Nina gold blazer. The metallic argentum of silk will create a stunning reflection at any regatta this summer; team up with lime green or cobalt blue accessories to make the right waves! If you prefer a warmer palette, the stunning aqua green hues of our Dragonfly Green blazer, below, compliment any coastal sunset.

Dark n Stormy:
3 1/3 ounce gingerbeer.
Couple dashes of bitters.
2 ounces dark rum.
Lime and ice.
Nina Blazer in Dragonfly Green Cashmere