Shibumi's Travels in India

As most of you will know, the majority of Shibumi’s clothing is made in our wonderful little studio in Rajasthan, India. It’s a country that has always inspired me and really was the birth-place of Shibumi. It’s incredibly important to me that our production is based in India; our fabrics are made there and we feel that it would lose some of its authenticity if we were to take this out of India. The Shibumi team is part of our family and it’s a great excuse to visit as often as possible! 
My daughter Coco and I travel together to India at least twice a year and spend a few weeks designing new fabrics and styles, working along side our tailors, and spending time with all the amazing people that make the trips so special. From Nadeem and his family in Jaipur to our great friends Ishu and Guru, to Sushma and Amita in Goa, who have helped look after Coco since she was a baby! 
First stop is to see our talented tailors and Nadeem and his family. Nadeem is the lifeline of our business in India, he coordinates all of our orders and keeps everything running smoothly for us, he certainly doesn’t have an easy job but always does it with a smile and truly is a core part of the Shibumi family. Here he is with his gorgeous family and us! 
It’s full steam ahead as soon as we arrive; discussing new ideas with the team in their fabulous fabric room. This really is a place where a fashion designer’s dreams come true! Coco gets straight in to drawing, she is always coming up with amazing ideas for new fabric patterns and we regularly use her ideas in final production. She’s got designing in her blood!
While in India, I’ve been creating some exciting new things! People often ask what our design process is; there are many stages but the first stage is to show Pradeep a sketch of my new design, a sample is then made, it’s adjusted on the body as you can see above, and then a pattern is cut, ready for production. Keep in touch to find out what’s coming soon! 

This year, I have also been working to create a mini-documentary style video all about the process from idea to finished product and our deep connection with our team in India. This is something that is really close to our hearts at Shibumi and it’s important for us to share with you the way in which our tailors work, in our small studio with good pay and a proper working day. No factories or unfair labour here! 
We have time to stop and rest with our friends for a true Indian feast, after a full day of designing and a photoshoot it’s great to be able to sit down and catch up!
The next day it’s back to the studio, here are some of our jacket patterns hanging up, these are placed on the fabric which is then hand cut by our pattern-cutter, Pradeep before being sewn together by our very skilled tailors. Look how beautiful this vintage sewing machine is, it’s a real piece of history! 
After lots of hard work in the studio it’s time to explore! We meet up with our friends Ishu and Guru who we always have great fun with! We spend a few days drinking Lassi Walla, (a pure curd drink filled with loads of probiotics!), visiting the beautiful Patrika Gate and Lake Palace. The architecture around Rajasthan is absolutely incredible; such amazing colours and shapes! 
We then leave Jaipur and head to the coast to visit our dear friends Sushma and Amita; I have been bringing Coco to India since she was a baby and Sushma always helped to take care of her so she has a special place in our hearts; she is also about to have a baby of her own so we of course had to go and say hello! 
Our beautiful friend Shaheen grows all of her own herbs and spices, which she dried on her roof and grinds by hand. Every year she gives us a selection as a wonderful gift to bring home! I have the pleasure of having a year’s supply of the most heart-warming Turmeric tea ever. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful connections in India and it really is our relationships here that make these trips so magical for us. The warmth and love that we experience when we come here is enough to keep us inspired and motivated for the next hundred years, at least! 
Whilst in Jaipur this year, we took the opportunity to explore some exciting new potential ideas. This is an example of some beautifully ornate bead work from local artisans. Another reason we love coming to India is the wealth of stunning craftsmanship that is available; we love discovering new possibilities and they really help to shape the future of the business. 
When we come to the end of our trip we love to take a few days to relax before travelling home. This year Coco decided she wanted a photoshoot with a beautiful wild tortoise! She was clearly missing Rosie Myrtle back at home. For me, it’s a swim in the sea and a masala chai, my favourite drink on the planet… the perfect combination to recharge the batteries!
Coming home from our trips to India is always bittersweet, as much as we want to stay here forever, we can’t wait to get back in the office and start developing all the exciting projects that are born on our trip, and to see all of our lovely customers! We always come home feeling invigorated and ready to continue spreading the Shibumi love. 
If you’re still reading, thank you! We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures. If you have any more questions about anything you’ve seen here please do email us at

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