What to Wear as Mother Of The Bride in Every Season

When you’re not wrangling bridesmaids or searching for the perfect family heirloom for that something borrowed, one of the big decisions you will make as Mother of the Bride is what to wear to the wedding. There are some tried and tested guidelines for what to consider when you are choosing your outfit, which we will go over in this blog, but one of the biggest is how to dress for the season and still be comfortable, whether it be a warm Summer day or an Autumn wedding with a chill in the air finding the perfect layering options can be tricky, we’re here to help.

Key considerations for Mother of the Bride

wedding party with bride, two men in grey suits and mother of the bride in shibumi lyra coat in opaline blue and red embroidery
Before we get to season there are a few other things to consider when choosing your outfit:

Take your lead from the Bride

Does your daughter want to be involved in choosing your outfit or is she happy to leave you to it? It’s her big day so before making any decisions, check in with your daughter about her wishes and the style she envisions for the wedding.


Do you need to compliment the bridesmaids? Beyond the one true rule of never wearing white (unless the bride asks you to) there are no real rules to what colours are acceptable for mother of the bride, but it may be worth knowing what the bridesmaids are wearing before making your choice. That’s not to say you need the match the bridesmaids, it’s a special day for you too, but choosing a complimentary colour can help the wedding party look more cohesive in photos. Bridesmaids in pink? Maybe a rich red or soft purple. 
wedding party with mother of the bride wearing a shibumi nehru coat in imperial blue

Length and Dress Code

The length of your outfit will largely be influenced by the dress code of the wedding, a white or black tie affair usually means a floor length dress maybe paired with a floor length coat while a Black-tie optional or cocktail dress code opens up shorter lengths. If you’re not sure, as always the bride knows best!

bride and mother of the bride with bride wearing aquila coat in opaline with red hat

Mother of the Bride outfits for Spring

Spring weddings can be some of the most beautiful, with blossom on the trees and that lovely green freshness all around it offers the perfect backdrop for photos. But Spring also brings unpredictable weather and can still be on the chillier side so smart layers are always a good idea. 

Mother of the bride, woman with red hair in silk dress and coat, shibumi lyra coat and hepburn dress in soft pistachio

Knee length open coats like the Lyra or the Nehru are ideal for spring. The Lyra has a soft neckline and open style they give that extra layer of warmth without covering your dress. You can also pair a coat with a shift dress like the Hepburn for a beautifully coordinated outfit.

Mother of the bride with flower girl, mother of the bride in orange dress with blue shibumi nehru coat in african cobalt

Mother of the bride outfit for Summer

Summer weddings are the ideal time to play with bright colours and light layers. Embracing warm days with a flattering knee length dress like the V neck Marilyn allows you to keep cool but a light jacket or shawl are always good to have on hand for in the church or for later in the evening when the temperature drops.

Bride and mother of the bride in shibumi lyra coat in rococo pink with har and blue dress

Most of the cashmere fabrics we offer also have a shawl in the same colour that is very useful if you wish to take off your Shibumi coat or jacket. The shawl will offer a lighter layer than your jacket, perfect for throwing around your shoulders at the dinner table or for quickly popping out for some fresh air or to take pictures.

Mother of the bride with red hair, orange dress and purple shibumi shawl

The Anya jacket offers a perfect solution to summer layering for a mother of the bride outfit, available in a wide range of colours in both silk and cashmere it can be made to suit any outfit.

Bride, father of the bride in grey suit and mother of the bride in shibumi anya jacket in imperial blue cashmere with embroidery

Mother of the bride outfit for Autumn

Autumn brings with it those warmer colours and the chance to experiment with more sumptuous fabrics like a comforting cashmere.

Mother and father of the bride, mother of the bride in pale pink dress with shibumi lyra coat in deep raspberry cashmere with gold embroidery and matching red hat

The option to wear the Grace coat open or done up makes it an ideal option for an Autumn wedding, available in a range of sumptuous colours including rich tones like Venetian Red and Imperial Blue as well as softer warm shades like Eggshell.

Mother of the bride seeing bride in her wedding dress, mother of the bride wears a blue dress and hot pink shibumi grace coat

Mother of the bride outfit for Winter

Winter weddings are becoming more popular each year with the option of lower cost venues and dramatic photo opportunities. Layering is key for a winter wedding, a smart coat is key and you may even add a shawl for extra cosiness. 

Our beautiful silk trench coat is an ideal solution for a winter wedding. Made in beautiful embroidered or raw silk it has all the elegance you need for a wedding while still keeping you warm with a high neck, button fastening, optional tie waist and even pockets!

Mother of the bride with long blonde hair in a cerulean blue silk trench coat, shibumi silk trench coat in Kingfisher Blue

Whatever the season Shibumi has a wide range of options for your mother of the bride outfit. Alongside the options listed here we have jackets and coats to suit every style, length and dress code, in a huge range of colours and patterns. Browse more ideas here for mother of the bride outfit inspiration or come for an appointment at our Gloucester showroom for an hour of one on one time trying on our beautiful jackets, coats and dresses and finding the perfect combination for you, hope to see you soon!